Healing is a Choice!

About the Practitioner

Shirlene Campbell LMT, CPMT, BA


My expertise, passion and love to enlighten about massage therapy to students or clients, community groups or a company's staff is an honor as well as a blessing.

I began the journey to assist in healing through massage therapy once I had the revelation that healing begins and resides within us. Massage Therapy effects much more than the body. The mind, body and soul balance with massage therapy. Experience the journey and heal at The Healing Center Mind, Body & Soul, LLC.

Healing is a Choice!


Lotion used for massage therapy are hyperallergenic and organic. Oils implemented in the lotion has healing properties. The essential oils used during massage therapy or aromatherapy are from Young Living All candles are soy based and are healthy for your wellbeing. I look forward in meeting you!


Outreach Services

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